Meleesa Johnson for Mayor

Meet Meleesa

I love Stevens Point.  I grew up in this area.  I purposefully moved back here to raise my granddaughter.  As much as I love Stevens Point, I know that, just as with everything else in our world, it needs to grow, change, and evolve in order to flourish, and at present our city sits at a crossroads between stagnation and growth. In my mind, the path to choose is crystal clear. 


I'm running for mayor because I have a vision for our community that involves growth and evolution. Our city is at a crossroads between stagnation and growth, and I believe we need to boldly plan for a 21st century Stevens Point that welcomes people from all walks of life. My decision to run was solidified by a conversation with a 19-year-old who felt there was no place for them here, and I want to create a place where everyone belongs.